Board & Train Program

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Board & Train Program

Our B&T program consists of several obedience commands as well as any behavioral modification that is needed for house manners. Your dogs live in our home for 3 weeks and receive constant care and attention 24/7. They will receive environmental exposure in our top notch learning facility that consists of several different types of flooring, stairs, people, dogs, cats, vehicles, obstacles and a lot more. They are then proofed around any additional distractions until they are ready to be exposed in public places.

Field Trips! Your dog is then headed out into the real world where he/she will learn to exhibit all the training they have been taught at Dogma Academy for Dog Trainers, LLC. We want them to behave in public just as they will behave in your home.

Videos! You will receive video updates of your dog as we progress to show you the commands and the success your dog is having in our program with our 10 basic commands: here, sit, down, place, heel, up, off, leave it, drop it and “hurry” (a potty command because let’s face it, that is what we want them to do.)

At the conclusion of the program, our trainer/s will meet with you and teach you what your dog already knows and how to be consistent with the training. We also include an additional 4 lessons for any adjustments that are needed transitioning from our home back to yours. These lessons help to maximize YOUR potential.

Certificates! Yes, you guessed it! You and your dog receive a completion certificate. We also offer more advanced training if you wish to continue.

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