Jonathan Katz

Jonathan Katz


Jonathan grew up with a love of dogs, unfortunately he lived in New York City and without having a yard he wasn’t allowed to have a dog of his own. Any time he had the ability to play or walk a dog he would.

 His professional interest from the age of 10 was to be a chef. Jonathan’s mother started to teach him how to use a knife and he became her sous chef. Food makes people happy and it made him happy to see people enjoy the food he cooked. At age 14, he started his first job working in a kitchen after school and worked at sleep away camp during the summers as a waiter.

While attending college in Israel, he was standing 3 blocks away from a suicide bombing. This was a life changing experience for him. He had experienced violence and hatred growing up in NYC, but this was the first time he had truly seen what man is willing to do to others. 

While attending culinary school in Miami he rescued his first dog Buster from an abusive situation. There are 6 forms of aggression and Buster had all 6. Wanting to help his dog he hired a trainer from a national franchise. He was told with confidence by the trainer that they would be able to fix his aggression. After 4 lessons of no progress, Jonathan decided to start researching dog training. He then fired the trainer and started seeking out better training. The next two years he spent rescuing and rehabilitating stray dogs off the street. In his search for better training, he found dog training school. His passion for the food industry was dwindling and he had decided on his change of life career. After graduating top of his class at Starmark Academy, he then went back to learn how to train police dogs. After getting in the bite suit for the first time and taking a bite from a Round Rock PD K9 he was hooked! 

Jonathan went on to complete a year and a half apprenticeship to learn how to use E-collars and how to teach people. After completing his apprenticeship, Jonathan decided to fulfill a life dream to return to Israel and train/handle explosive detection dogs and patrol dogs.  

For two years, Jonathan worked for the Israeli Ministry of Defense. His initial job was to help prepare dogs for certification. Once he was able to demonstrate his handling skills, he was then deployed to cargo terminals and vehicle checkpoints with his dog Uzi. He would also deploy with the Israeli secret service and international politicians. Jonathan preformed searches for British Prime Minister Tony Blare, Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen and over 10 roadside IED search for US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as well as countless others.

After returning home from Israel, Jonathan and his dog Uzi went on to become the 10th dog to earn a Level 3 in Protection Sports Association. His second PSA dog Cougar went on to be the 21st dog to earn the title and his Uzi daughter Puma went on to be the 26th dog to earn a PSA3 out of 34 total PSA3 dogs in the world.

 Jonathan has also been a PSA judge for over 9 years having judged over 100 trials. He was also a certified decoy for 4 years until becoming a judge. 

Continuing education is extremely important to Jonathan. He believes that every dog trainer should be a perpetual student. He has earned over 30 certifications and attended over 60 seminars.

Starting in 2010, Jonathan started his goal of instructing seminars. In 13 years, Jonathan has traveled the country as well as internationally to teach close to 200 seminars. His passion turned from being the best dog trainer he could be to creating the best dog trainer he can. Teaching people everything he knows is his main goal in life.

Jonathan has two young dogs, Cheetah is in training for PSA and Lion is in training for French Ring.