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About the Academy

for dog trainers

Dogma Academy for Dog Trainer’s, LLC is a dog training company located in Mart, Texas that encompasses an entire school campus.  Our facility is second to none and covers every need of our students from food and lodging to top notch training from some of the best trainers in the world.

We will be offering a Professional Trainer’s Course to give our students a career in dog training.  Just a portion of that program will teach students behavior modification, theory and the four (4) quadrants to training a dog. And our students are able to keep their dogs with them while they attend their course at our facility.  Every student will have access to work with multiple dogs of different breeds, temperament, drive and age to obtain the most knowledge to start their profession.

We will also have dog training equipment on site that each student will get to use to become proficient before graduating from our program.

We will be offering police dog training, detection, tracking/trailing, apprehension and building searches to assist police officers get the most out of their scenario based training.  We will also offer a State of the Art canine obstacle course.  And we will assist any agency looking for a dog for their department, whether it is from our breeding program or dogs that we can help locate from our Professional partners.

We offer Board and Train programs, Pet Obedience, Private Lessons, Venue rentals for AKC events and doggie day care.  RV lots will be available for anyone bringing a camper to attend our programs.  We have a full sized cafeteria in order to feed more than 200 students, staff and visitors.

If you want to compete in dog sports, look no further than Dogma Academy for Dog Trainers, LLC.  We have more than 6 decoys as part of our Staff therefore we pride ourselves in decoy development.  And students are able to learn decoy development as an additional portion of their Professional Trainers Course.